Honda Cars India has propelled its new reduced games utility vehicle, the BRV. An advertisement film advancing the same has been conceptualised by Mullen Lintas.

The Ad Song ‘Out There’, has become very popular because of sensual music that contains relaxing voice of a girl singer. The music is not available officially.

However i i took a time aside and extracted the music from the video, cut it into required parts and integrated it all together with out the lyrics part.

I have provided several files below to download:

Download: Honda_BRV_Ad_Song.mp3 | 2MB

Fluet: Honda_BRV_Fluet_music.mp3 | 640kb

Girls voice: Honda_BRV_Girl_singing_tune.mp3 | 275kb

The lyrics of “Honda BRV Ad Song”

“Out there… is a battleship, waiting to be conquered,
A rollercoaster about to be taken for a ride”

“Out there are many stories waiting to become yours.
Let the hunt begin.”

Watch the video: